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Dedicated to the comfort and care of your loved ones.

Our residence provides a warm, comfortable, pleasant and home-like environment. Boulevard ALP Assisted Living is well known for the caring and devoted staff members who are committed to providing a safe and secure environment that promotes dignity for each and every resident. Our belief is that each resident is entitled to respect and quality of life that they have rightfully earned. After all, at this point it is called the “Golden Age” for a reason. Upon entering our community, residents are surrounded by new friends and embraced by a caring staff that is specially-trained to be responsive to the needs of older adults.


We hope that any resident that moves into Boulevard ALP Assisted Living joins our family and soon realize that life at Boulevard stimulates wellness, vitality and satisfaction to its fullest!”

We are always accepting application for admission and if you or your loved one would like to become part of our growing family at Boulevard ALP Assisted Living.

My mother loves being a part

of Brooklyn Alp. I am happy that she is happy.

Sandra Tamworth 

My mind is at ease knowing that my parents are being cared for and love their new residence.

Priscilla Andujar

Thank you to the staff of Brooklyn Alp for making this transition for my parents as smooth as possible. We are forever grateful

Andrew Castillo
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